Our Story

As the Founder of EverydaySHEROE, I'm proud to share the story of KONECTU and how our team developed this platform to serve the Web3 community.

Our journey began with the creation of the EverydaySHEROE non-fungible token (NFT) Project, which celebrated women's achievements and empowered them to break barriers and pursue their goals.

As we explored the potential of the Web3 space, we realized that there was a need for a professional social networking platform that could simplify the onboarding process and connect Web3 professionals with the resources they need to advance their careers.

That's how KONECTU was born.

Our team worked tirelessly to develop a market fit and a platform that could offer personalized onboarding appointments, career opportunities, education, events, and a community-driven platform that simplifies the learning process and allows Web3 professionals and the crypto-curious to KONECT.

We wanted to create a platform that could provide support and resources to professionals as they navigate the ever-changing and complex world of Web3.

We believe that KONECTU is the ultimate professional social networking app for Web3, and we're confident that it will become the go-to platform for professionals in this space.

We're excited to continue to develop and grow our platform, and we're grateful for the support of our community along the way.

Join us on KONECTU and take the next step in your professional journey.